Common Problems

Octopus Watch is a robust app that has been tested extensively to make sure it works on a wide variety of devices. However, sometimes things do go wrong. The help provided through this page explains why things go wrong and, in some cases, how you can fix it.

Credentials not Accepted

When you only recently switched to Octopus Energy, or recently had a smart meter installed, it can happen that the app does not recognise your API credentials. The Octopus Energy API does not provide a dedicated way to verify whether or not credentials or valid. As such it is only possible for Octopus Watch to verify your credentials when these credentials are correct and initial consumption data is available.

This still leaves a myriad of potential problems. To identify the exact problem a special validation website has been created. This tool keeps track of your data until your API credentials can be verified. All data is stored locally, the validator only communicates with Octopus Energy, and the data is deleted as soon as the credentials pass all checks. Using the tool you can regularly verify if the issue is resolved and take the advised actions. In the meantime, do feel free to use the postcode login to keep track of the Agile Octopus rates. You can switch to the API login as soon as the validation tool can verify your credentials.

Data is Missing

Missing data in the History tab is one of the most common problems. A dedicated page describes what causes missing data and how Octopus Watch deals with missing and incomplete data.

Subscription not Loading

This problem applies both to renewing a subscription on iOS, or sharing a subscription through Family Sharing on iOS. While these processes usually work without a hitch they sometimes need a small nudge. For example, if Apple cannot immediately process a subscription renewal there may be a hiatus of a few hours/days. In both cases you can easily regain access to the subscription features. To do so open the app, go to the Setting tab, and tap on the “Subscribe” button at the top. On this subscription page there is a link below the two big buttons that reads “Restore Purchases”. Tap this link if you have an active subscription that isn’t working, or you shared a subscription and others in the family do not have access to the subscription. Please note that subscription sharing only works within the same Family group as explained on this Apple support page.

Widgets not Updating

Widgets work outside of the main app. To ensure that widgets do not drain your battery both iOS and Android freeze widgets. While a widget can request an update, it is not guaranteed to receive one. How often and the amount of time a widget is activated by iOS and Android depends on how active the parent app is used. Therefore, if you never use the Octopus Watch app, the widget will eventually stop updating. The more you use the parent app, the more often the widget gets a chance to update. The widget itself always requests an update every half hour — however iOS/Android sometimes only grant an update every 8 hours.

Actively use the app!

Both iOS and Android freeze a widget indefinitely if the parent app is never used. The more you use Octopus Watch, the more the widget gets allotted time to pull in the new rates.

Some custom launchers on Android, as well as some Android versions (particularly MIUI) are extremely aggressive in their battery optimisations. For these versions of Android you have to disable all battery optimisations applied to Octopus Watch. Don’t worry — Octopus Watch is well-written and will not drain your battery. The problem with the ggressive battery optimisations that are applied is that the parent app is killed almost as soon as you leave the app. In turn, the widget never gets a chance to update.

Android: Disable battery optimisation

Some custom Android versions have overly aggressive battery optimisation which breaks widgets. Disable battery optimisation for Octopus Watch if you want to use the widget.

Other Problems

Running into any other problems? Don’t hesitate to get in touch at

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