Missing Data

Smart meters may occasionally encounter hiccups, such as missing data. This is common when you recently had a smart meter installed, or switched to Octopus Energy. Occasionally, even for existing users, data for a few days may be unavailable. Octopus Watch continuously checks for this missing data and displays it as soon as it becomes available. Most of the time there is no user intervention required. All you have to do is enjoy the app, and let the app do the work for you.

Understand Missing Data

Octopus Watch makes it easy to see your missing data and help you to understand what it means. Days with missing data are clearly marked and show how many hours you’re missing. If you have a subscription, you can jump into the day details and see exactly which half-hourly records are missing.

Octopus Watch doesn’t automatically accept days with missing data. That’s because:

  • more data may still be coming in;
  • the missing data might indicate a meter problem;
  • one day isn’t the other – missing data could be just a half hour or 10 hours.

For these reasons, two safeguards remain in place:

  • the app continues to mark a day as having no data if there are more than 10 hours of data missing;
  • you can now accept incomplete days. But only if your meter has since started reporting correctly again (there is a more recent day where all records for that day have been correctly retrieved).

Octopus Watch won’t fetch missing export meter data when your import meter is working correctly. Export meter data often arrives a bit later than your import meter data. If meters fail, the import/export meters tend to fail in unison. So if your import meter is working fine, there’s very likely nothing to worry about and your export meter data will arrive later in the day.

If you want to use a day with missing data in any of the statistics – such as weekly summaries or energy reports – you need to accept the data. When this is possible a button is shown on the right-hand side. Simply tap this button to accept the data as is. As soon as you accept data, Octopus Watch will make no further attempts to fetch the missing data.

missing data screen

Remember that this button only shows when your meter has started reporting correctly again.

Once accepted, the data appears as normal and can be used as normal. For your reference, these days are marked with a “missing data” icon next to the date.

missing data screen

If you have a subscription you can also look at the day details. These give you a bird’s eye view of which data is missing. Half an hour in the middle of the night may not be a big deal, but half an hour during a plunge may be a good time to get in touch with Octopus Energy and discuss the options to recover this data.

missing data screen

Each red vertical bar indicates a missing record. These may appear throughout the day, or be clustered on one side. Any missing data is obviously bad, but some can be worse indeed. Even after accepting a day with incomplete data you can still open the day details to see exactly which information for that day is missing.

Was there a plunge?

Data can update a bit more slowly the day after a price plunge (on Agile). Octopus Energy needs to run a few extra checks to make sure all the data is correct.

Wait up to a week

Issues with missing data usually resolve within two weeks, often without any intervention needed. Wait at least a week before getting in touch for missing data, unless your meter hasn’t reported a single day since the first incident.

If data older than two weeks is still missing, contact Octopus Energy for assistance. The app will tell you which days have missing data. The easiest method is to email the smart meter department at smart@octopus.energy and request them to pull in the data for the missing days.

More than two weeks missing?

If you have missing data older than two weeks, contact Octopus Energy at smart@octopus.energy.

For data missing for over two weeks, it’s often due to a simple synchronisation issue between Octopus Energy and the smart meter data collection company. In rare cases, the meter might be faulty, requiring a technician to visit.

No Meter Communication

Octopus Watch gets all its data through the Octopus Energy API. There is no direct communication with either your meter or the third party data collector. If your data isn’t available through the Octopus Energy API, then the app cannot show your data.

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