Missing Data

On a tracker?

The Octopus Energy API stopped making recent tracker rates available through their API. Smarthound’s servers collect this information through alternative ways and offer the tracker rate information to subscribers. If you’re on a tracker and using the base app, you can subscribe or wait for Octopus Energy to fix their API issue. More information can be found here.

Smart meters may occasionally encounter hiccups, such as missing data. This is common when you recently had a smart meter installed, or switched to Octopus Energy. Occasionally, data for a few days may be unavailable. Octopus Watch continuously scans for this missing data and displays it as soon as it becomes available. There is no user intervention required. All you have to do is enjoy the app, and let the app do the work for you.

Octopus Watch sets itself apart by verifying that your data is complete and accurate. Unlike others – including the Octopus Energy dashboard – that hide missing data or assume 0 kWh, Octopus Watch clearly indicates any gaps. This ensures that statistics are correct, and it allows you to detect issues early. Octopus Watch only ever communicates with the Octopus Energy API and does not directly access your meter(s).

Wait up to a week

Octopus Watch depends on Octopus Energy for meter data and cannot directly access your meter. Issues with missing data usually resolve within two weeks. Octopus Watch prominently displays missing data to help you stay informed.

If data older than two weeks is still missing, contact Octopus Energy for assistance. The easiest method is to email the smart meter department at smart@octopus.energy and request them to pull in the data for the missing days.

More than two weeks missing?

If you have missing data older than two weeks, contact Octopus Energy at smart@octopus.energy.

For data missing over two weeks, it’s often due to a simple synchronization issue between Octopus Energy and the smart meter data collection company. In rare cases, the meter might be faulty, requiring a technician visit.

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