Tariff Support

Octopus Energy offers a variety of tariffs, and most of them are fully supported by Octopus Watch. However, there may be some limitations for certain smart tariffs and tracker tariffs.

Tracker is Back!

As of 3rd July 2023, Octopus Energy has made all tracker rates available again through their API. This means that tracker data is available for both base and subscription users. The Smarthound tracker service remains active. If tracker rates disappear again from the Octopus Energy API then subscription users still get their rates through the Smarthound API.

Here’s a breakdown of the support offered by Octopus Watch for each type of tariff:

Tariff Base App With Subscription
Agile Full Support Full Support
+48h predictions
Cosy Full Support Full Support
Flux Full Support Full Support
Intelligent Octopus Partial Support1 Partial Support1
Intelligent Octopus Flux not verified, but expect
Partial Support1
not verified, but expect
Partial Support1
PowerLoop Partial Support1 Partial Support1
Electricity Trackers Full Support Full Support
Gas Trackers Full Support Full Support
Standard Tariff Full Support Full Support
Fixed Tariffs Full Support Full Support
Economy 7 Full Support2 Full Support2
#2 – Economy 7 times

Economy 7 tariffs do not communicate through the Octopus Energy API when peak and off-peak prices start. To accomodate for this the app follows the guidelines set out by Octopus Energy on Economy 7 times for smart meters. During BST this means the app will report your off-peak times as 01:30–08:30 instead of the usual 00:30–07:30.

Tariffs marked with Partial Support1 work in the app, yet may not show non-standard off-peak hours. The Octopus Energy API does not adequately share this information. You will not see upcoming off-peak hours that deviate from the normal times. The history will not correctly account for off-peak hours that occurred outside of the normal times.

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