Tariff Support

Octopus Energy offers a variety of tariffs, and most of them are fully supported by Octopus Watch. However, there may be some limitations for certain smart tariffs and tracker tariffs.

Here’s a breakdown of the support offered by Octopus Watch for each type of tariff:

Tariff Base App With Subscription
Agile Full Support Full Support
+48h predictions
Intelligent Octopus Partial Support1 Partial Support1
PowerLoop Partial Support1 Partial Support1
Electricity Trackers No Support2 Full Support
experimental predictions
Gas Tracker v1, v2 Full Support Full Support
Gas Tracker v3 No Support2 Full Support
Other Tariffs Full Support Full Support

Tariffs marked with Partial Support1 work in the app, yet may not show non-standard cheap hours. The Octopus Energy API does not adequately share this information. You will not see upcoming cheap hours that deviate from the normal times, and the history will not correctly account for cheap hours that occurred outside of the normal times.

Tariffs marked with No Support2 are missing from the default Octopus Energy API. Users of the base app will not be able to see the current rate, and won’t be able to see their historic usage for the days that they are on one of these tariffs. As soon as Octopus Energy makes these tariffs available in the Octopus Energy API – as they did for the original two trackers – the information will automatically load. As a service to subscribers the rates for the trackers are collected on Smarthound’s servers and made available through the app. If you have a subscription all gas and electricity trackers are therefore supported.

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