Work on Octopus Watch is never done. There are always new feature to add to make the app better than ever. This page provides an overview of the currently planned changes that are coming to Octopus Watch. This list is not a guarantee. Features are only added once they meet all quality requirements. Ideas are added and removed from this list at all times without prior notice.

These are challenging times

Energy prices have been going up consistently for the last year, and many energy firms have declared bankruptcy. To adapt, Octopus Energy has created new tariffs, increased prices, and imposed new restrictions. Unfortunately, many of these changes are never announced. That’s why development of Octopus Energy has been playing catch-up for the last year. While there are enticing new features on the horizon they are often postponed because problems and issues arise out of the blue and need priority attention. More so than ever, the proposed additions on this page can change suddenly. The priority is to keep all current features in the app working, and to introduce new ones when time permits.

All of the ideas outlined on this page get one or more tags. Sometimes a bug is found that needs fixing bug . Other times the idea is for new functionality feature . Some of these ideas only apply to users who have an active subscription pro . And once an idea is ready – but not out yet – it is marked with a next update tag. Some ideas are limited to specific platforms. If this is the case they are explicitly marked with iOS or Android . Ultimately, when an idea has made it through all the steps and into the app it is marked with live .

Recent Releases

New NiX v3 prediction engine live feature pro
Price predictions have been a challenge due to the uncertainty on the energy markets. The new Nix v3 engine is now available for everyone. While Nix v1 and v2 tried to predict Agile prices, the nex v3 engine predicts the UK energy mix. The mix is then used to predict wholesale prices, and from these the Agile prices are predicted. By predicting the energy mix the new prediction engine can take gas prices into account, compensates for home PV production that reduces demand, etc. The Nix v3 engine also predicts Agile export prices much more accurately and frequently.

Economy 7 support live feature iOS Android

Rewritten iOS/iPadOS app live feature iOS
After three years the time has come to thoroughly clean up the iOS/iPadOS app of Octopus Watch. In return users will see dramatically improved performance throughout the app.

Upcoming Releases

Next 1–3 Months

These are the ideas that are currently worked on. There’s a good chance these ideas will make it into a next update.

Gas Support feature iOS Android
Initial gas support is being tested in the app. The small number of users, and the high maintenance cost of this feature, unfortunately means that Siri integration will be removed in the next update.
!! This feature is held back by the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG), and Octopus Energy’s lacking API support for EPG.

Gas Analysis feature iOS Android pro
Use in-depth analysis to understand how changes in your behaviour affect your gas usage. .
!! This feature is held back by the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG), and Octopus Energy’s lacking API support for EPG.

Dynamic Interface feature iOS Android
Adopt the home page to your needs. Do you care more about electricity or gas prices? Do you want a rates graph/table or see your important usage statistics at a glance? The choice is yours.
!! This feature is held back by the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG), and Octopus Energy’s lacking API support for EPG.

Next 3–6 Months

Promising ideas are listed here. These are either small ideas that require some more time to mature, or big ideas that require time to implement.


The grab bag of green pastures and blue skies. The bold ideas that hold great promise, yet which may not be realisable.

Not Planned

Sometimes a feature looks promising but just doesn’t make the cut. This is the list of features that are (currently) abandoned and no longer worked on.

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The use case is limited. This requires a substantial change to both the code and the user interface. The benefits do not currently warrant the work involved.

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