Octopus Watch is always getting even better. This page provides an overview of the currently planned changes that are coming to the app. This list is not a guarantee: features are only added when they meet all quality requirements, and ideas can be added/removed from this list without prior notice.

To help you identify the ideas you may be interested in each idea has one or more labels:

  • bug a bug was found and is being fixed
  • feature a new feature is added to the app
  • pro something that only subscribers have access to
  • iOS only applies to iOS/iPadOS users
  • Android only applies to Android users
  • next update ready and coming in the next update
  • live now available!

Recent Releases

Gas Support live feature iOS Android
Initial gas support is being tested in the app. The small number of users, and the high maintenance cost of this feature, unfortunately means that Siri integration will be removed in the next update.

Dynamic Interface live feature pro iOS Android
Adopt the home page to your needs. Do you care more about electricity or gas prices? Do you want a rates graph/table or see your important usage statistics at a glance? The choice is yours.

Weather Support live feature iOS Android
See how the weather affects your energy usage year-round with weather support added for both base and subscription users. Subscription users can in addition see extended weather details, such as the daily temperature range, and have access to a full week forecast across Great Britain. This forecast report provides an elegant and easy to use tool to estimate prices on Agile and tracker for up to a week ahead.

Peak/Offpeak Waffle Chart live feature pro iOS Android
The energy report now creates a waffle chart when you are on either a dual tariff, such as Go, or a triple tariff, such as Cosy or Flux. This allows you to see at a glance how much of your power you got at each rate.

Simplified Login live feature iOS Android
Most users only need their API key if they want to log in, as the app can now identify your account number.

Upcoming Releases

Next 1–3 Months

These are the ideas that are currently worked on. There’s a good chance these ideas will make it into a next update.

Gas Analysis feature iOS Android pro
Use in-depth analysis to understand how changes in your behaviour affect your gas usage. .

Android rewrite Android
The Android app is being rewritten for the Jetpack Compose framework. This allows the app to integrate better with the Android ecosystem and makes the app future-proof.

iOS rewrite iOS
The app is moving to the all new SwiftUI Charts to give you beautiful interactive charts throughout the app.

Next 3–6 Months

Promising ideas are listed here. These are either small ideas that require some more time to mature, or big ideas that require time to implement.


The grab bag of green pastures and blue skies. The bold ideas that hold great promise, yet which may not be realisable.

Not Planned

Sometimes a feature looks promising but just doesn’t make the cut. This is the list of features that are (currently) abandoned and no longer worked on.

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The use case is limited. This requires a substantial change to both the code and the user interface. The benefits do not currently warrant the work involved.

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